Affliction and trouble, these two misfortunes pursue a man. However, the Word of God shows that they do not come forth of the dust or ground but from inside of a man.  


Miseries and troubles lead to the fact that a man becomes unsuccessful and unfortunate in this life and when a man makes evil he/she prepares the way of hell for his/her eternal life.

There is one way, which can release us from any kind of affliction and trouble, that’s repentance.

When a man makes an evil, probably he/she feels good at that moment, because he/she disparages and hurts other man but not himself/herself. However, he/she will meet a suffering in the eternal life, since the hell is a retribution for evil.

And in this life a man suffers in case of affliction. Some people think if they change their residence then the affliction will go away, however it does not happen. The affliction and trouble do not leave a man even if he/she lefts own country. I know many people who left for other countries, but they continued living in the same affliction.


The drug addiction is also one of the afflictions. For helping own children who felt into the clutches of narcomania, some parents take them to other countries, believing that their children will begin a new life there.  However, it is useless. Very often one changes narcomaniac’s blood in order to avoid using of the drugs. However, by changing the blood, the inner affliction and trouble of a man do not change. The only way is Jesus Christ.

Dearly beloved, never blame the ground you live on. You should understand that your misfortune comes forth of your afflictions and troubles. Only Jesus Christ can deliver you from those two ones. Repent and come close to the Lord. Amen.

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