In order to please the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas and delivered Jesus to be scourged and crucified. While reading these verses I realized that same things occur nowadays. There are people who have only one purpose – to please the crowd. And they are ready to oppose the truth, persecute and beat the righteous people for that purposes. 

The voice of the crowd always opposed justice, against Christ, even nowadays. After all, the crowd cried out “Crucify Him”. 

Beloved, today we face two options – to content the God or crowd. It’s up to us. 

Pilate decided to please the crowd and crucify the Christ. 

Reading these sentences you should be aware that there would happen moments in your life when the crowd will require you to do something contrary Jesus Christ. If you listen to the crowd’s voice, you will crucify the Christ in your heart. 

Do not follow the crowd, do not crucify the Christ again and again, but live as an individual personality. God bless you! Amen. 

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