These are exactly the words of life we need so much. From the very beginning of the verse, it is written that the Holy Spirit is our Comforter. Today, many of us are in need of comfort and many of us are looking for the person who could give a comfort or right advice. Some people refer to the help of psychologists, but psychologists cannot help everyone.

The Holy Spirit dwells in us, He is able every second to understand and help us, fill with the divine joy, peace and righteousness. Never stop trusting the Holy Spirit, communicate with Him and glorify His name. He will be your support in all problems. 

There are many things in this life we cannot know. The God’s Word assures us that the Holy Spirit will teach us everything and will remind us all, but for it, there is a necessity of reading the Bible and having a communication with the Holy Spirit. He will give us not only a new knowledge, but also He will remind us everything Jesus said.

Beloved, perhaps we know many biblical texts by heart, but sometimes we find ourselves in such situations, that we forget everything the God said about it. Believe me; the Holy Spirit is able to remind us corresponding words for any situation.

Praise God that the Holy Spirit dwells in us nowadays. He is kind, good, strong.
Be blessed with the power of the Holy Spirit! Amen.

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