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The Word of the Lord says the wicked do not know what makes them stumble. It is just interesting to think of this verse. There are people who although say they are believers, but stumble in many things and fall into sin, leave church, divorce their families. You think what the reason is. They do not know what makes them stumble.

Before the believers used to say, ‘I stumbled or I was tempted’. But the believer must not boast of his temptation or seduction because that is weakness. Spiritually strong person is not seduced because He lives in light. The Word of God says that the way of the wicked is like darkness. We know light is from God and He lightens our way, so that we might make right steps.

Whoever you are, if you do not walk in the way of righteousness, your eyes begin to become dark, temptations come and you fall into sins failing to resist them. Many can be condemned because of that and go to hell. Of course, we know, if we repent, we have Christ who makes us righteous.

So, beloved, turn on the light, lighten your way as the lights of the car are switched on to lighten the darkness.

Christ is our Light. Without Him we will walk in the darkness and will succumb to different temptations. Lighten your way so that you may have life and lighten the ways of others.

May the Lord bless you. Stay with God. Amen.

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