Today’s word is about wisdom from above. Knowledge and wisdom are different conceptions. The wisdom is providing an opportunity to us in order to see our future and organize our life correctly. In my opinion, everyone would like to have wisdom.
Which is the wisdom from above and how is it possible to gain it? The word of God tells us that wisdom from above first of all is pure and then peaceable. For this week, we are going to talk about the peace.

No matter how the wisdom is described with nice words by human, if a man does not have peace, then he will not have wisdom as well. A wise man does not run into troubles and never makes enemies, but he does his best to keep the peace with everyone. There are people who have so many enemies, that they can’t imagine their life without those enemies and enmity.
Beloved, I am very sure that every person can have peace both in personal life, family and in human environment. Remember that wisdom from above is peaceable. If you have problems with anyone, make your peace with that person a second earlier and then go to sleep.

Fill your life, home and country with peace. Amen.

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