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Here it speaks about prayer. If you have not read the previous messages of this week, I would advice you to read because all this week is devoted to prayer. I am convinced the Lord answers to our prayers. It is written when you pray, go into your room and pray to your Father who is unseen and He will openly reward you.

Yesterday we said that we should not pray to be seen by people, but our prayer must be in secret. What does a “secret prayer” mean? Once one of my acquaintances saw a beautiful blouse on someone and approaching to him, he said, “What a nice blouse you have, I have prayed for a long time to have such one”. Then in front of everybody he started to pray, “Lord God, please give me a blouse like this”. The other person willingly or unwillingly took off his blouse and gave it to him. That was more like asking mercy than praying.


If you need something, don’t tell people. A man is not able to meet your needs. Pray to the Lord in secret and you will receive the answer to your prayer openly. There were many cases in my and my wife’s lives when we prayed for some things secretly and did not tell anyone about it until we received the answer openly.

Beloved, the Lord will openly reward you and you will have everything if you pray secretly. In Deuteronomy 29:29 it is written that the secret things are for the Lord. So, don’t tell other people about them so that you may not be ashamed and scorned. Just pray secretly. May God help you to receive openly everything you prayed for in secret so that you might testify about them to others. 

May the power of the Lord be upon you. Amen.


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