On the 6th of January there was a celebration at our church: we were celebrating the greatest Birth in the history of humanity – the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

In the festive atmosphere songs glorifying Jesus’ birth were sung; the pretty light effects, dances and beautiful performances of our creative team filled the day with great joy.

During the celebratory service pastor Bagrat Bekchyan also shared a word referring to the significance and influence of Christmas in our lives.

“The birth of Christ was the best gift to humanity. Christ came for us to have life and even more.

The birth of Christ was not an accident. There was a plan, there was a purpose. With the birth of Jesus the chains in our life are broken, curses are turned into blessings, and illnesses are cured. He came to demolish the works of Satan.

God appeared in a body, the savior came to save, and blessed is His holy birth,” pastor Bagrat mentioned.

Below we present to you the video of the Christmas celebration.

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