A wonderful thing is written here. I always emphasize wonderful, because the Word of God is always wonderful.

The desires of youth are closely connected with sin. Every young man is called to win in this world and in the sphere he is, but often the desires of youth hinder him. The Word of God says, flee the evil desires of youth and not fight with them.

How to flee the desires of youth, how to overcome sin?

Each man knows what sin has possessed him in his life. And once he feels the smell of that sin, must flee it.

Once I was traveling by sea and asked the captain of the board, “How much the wind force should be to wreck the ship?” He said, “Twelve”. I asked, “How much is the wind force according to computer at this moment?” He said, “Eight”. I was afraid, because only four points were required to wreck our ship, and there were great winds in front. The captain looked at me and said, “Don’t worry, the computer shows everything in advance. When we see big winds in front, we bypass them”.

I got a revelation that there is a “computer” inside of each of us, which shows everything. I speak about the Holy Spirit, who always leads and warns us about danger.

If there is something in your life which causes you to stumble and fall into sin, flee it. Maybe that is your TV set or computer.

Do not stay and fight, but flee the evil desires of youth. Amen.

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