Beloved, God’s Word tells us: “Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord”.

Today, the world offers us its ways, strongly advertises and convinces to what we should make an efforts and for what endeavor. But the Christ also calls us, saying, “Come unto me”. He is the God of peace and holiness, so we must follow Him. 

There is no one who wouldn’t want to see the God, but the Word of God says that without holiness and peace no man will see the Lord. Imagine for a while, what a wonderful way the Lord offers us – follow peace and holiness. 

All week we talked about how to bring peace everywhere, to put efforts to build peaceful relations with all the people around us, pray for God’s help in that matter. We must try to keep the sanctity just same way. 

I am sure that Moses was in holiness and peace and that was the reason he saw the Lord. 

Hence, my beloved, live in God’s power, holiness and peace and believe that you will see the Lord for sure. 

Be blessed, let God’s supernatural blessings be upon each of you! Amen.

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