First of all, these words are a prophecy about Jesus Christ, but they apply to us too. We believe that God teaches His children. The 54th chapter of the prophecies of Isaiah says: “And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD… “. This promise is for each of us. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, showing us the way and teaching us.

It is written: “For his God doth instruct him to discretion…”. Nowadays, a great emphasis is placed on the education; however, one circumstance is still overlooked. The education and wisdom are totally different concepts. We can see many educated insolent fellows around us, but a wise man would never behave arrogantly. If someone has an education, but has no discretion, he can do more harm others, rather than be helpful.

We all need discretion. In all likelihood, there is no one who did not want to see his neighbors (husband or wife, children, colleagues) a reasonable. However, very few of them seek to acquire wisdom.

Prudence is not born by itself, but God teaches a man to be prudent. Therefore, we must allow God to teach us.

Beloved, obey the Holy Spirit. He will lead you to the ways of prudence. Amen.

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