According to the prophecy of Hosea, God requests mercy instead of sacrifice. Usually we are ready to sacrifice but we aren’t ready to show mercy. Giving 100 or 1000 dram to pauper is easier for us than forgiving anyone.

In my opinion, we are not able to forgive each other because of two main reasons – arrogance and self-conceit.

If you have quarreled with anyone and cannot forgive, just overcome your arrogance and self-conceit, fill with God’s spirit and power and be merciful, because God does not expect sacrifice from you but mercy. You may sacrifice much, but if you do not show mercy, your sacrifices will be ignored. 

God’s word also tells that He desires knowledge more than burnt offerings. Many people do not wish to have God’s knowledge. They prefer to bring burnt offering once to God, than read the Bible, pray, attend a church and gain biblical knowledge all the time. 

Beloved, be merciful and fill with God’s knowledge. 

God bless and protect you. Amen.

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