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The mind of sinful man or the mind of flesh is death. Let us look at death seriously. Adam did not seriously treat death. And he did not even think what would happen after he ate that fruit. The mind of flesh is death. Let us ask ourselves, “How much time do we spend on meditating on the Word of God and on the desires of flesh”.

The mind of flesh can give us death. Maybe you think, “We will die and be buried, that’s normal”. But you can die spiritually and lose the kingdom of God. It is time to think about the salvation of soul in this short period of life. We must change our thinking. We must not be in rebellion and criticism, but obey God and move forward with humility. Eznik Koghbatsi speaks about humility in an interesting way. He says that even if you hear the voices of angels and do great things, but do not have humility, everything is useless.

Jesus said, “I am the beginning, I am the end”. Please, be the beginning and the end: when you start to speak, begin with you and end with you. Don’t gossip about others. There are people who take someone as a target and criticize him all the time. These people must take the Word of God as a basis and throw themselves on Jesus.

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