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It is interesting to remember the patriarchs of the Bible-Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, also Moses, who spent most of their life in the desert. That caused me to think that if I lived in the days of Moses, wouldn’t I murmur, as the people of God murmured, wouldn’t I be bitten by the snakes and fell dead?

Recently we were in Israel with a big group on a wonderful tour, which allowed me to touch the history of the Bible walking in the steps of Jesus and the disciples. During the tour we even spent a day with the inhabitants of the desert, the bedvins, staying all night under the open sky. On that day I thought there was no hope and comfort in the dessert that would make a man to live there for 40 years. But when we started to pray, God’s presence clothed us. Suddenly the desert turned into paradise for us and I understood that I would live in His presence not only 40, but even 80 years.

Looking at the sky we saw the bright stars and felt the glory of the Lord. That’s why the patriarchs of faith looked at the stars: it was terrible to bow your head and again see the desert in front of you. I also understood we were not far from that desert: the world is a big desert, where it is very difficult to live without God. Jesus Christ came into this world and prepared for us a way from a desert to Heaven. God leads us day and night, as He guided the people of Israel to the Promise Land, with the cloud by day and with light from the fire all night.


Beloved, begin to pray and ask for the presence of God. Your life will become a paradise in His presence and you will be happy. Never turn your look from heaven, otherwise the reality of this world will make you grieve and horrify you. Instead of murmuring believe God and ask for His guidance.

God bless you. Amen.

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