The book of Revelation tells us an interesting thing about winners. I have heard murmurs, whimpers a lot, people always complain, that everything is bad in this life, but if we want God to entrust us the mission, the work we are called for, then we must be strong.

God’s Word says: “He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son”. Everything belongs to winners. It doesn’t mean that God refuses the weak. On the contrary, God strengthens and lifts up the weak.

Today there are many problems and challenges in front of us, but how do we act? Do we give up on half the way or go to the end and win?

Once I met a person in the plane. We began to talk about spiritual subjects. Whatever I said, he confronted. Finally I thought, “Is there any need to explain anything to him? Let him think and live how he likes”. After 10 minutes or so, our plane was to land and I would never see him again. On the other hand, I thought, “No, I should win this ‘war’: if I know the truth, why shouldn’t I say it, why to let that man remain with his wrong opinion”. You know, there are moments, when you think why to become nervous, break your mood because of someone, but you must not give up. If you know the truth, it means you must win.

Beloved, if there is a situation in your life that challenges you, please, overcome that situation, don’t give up soon. God bless you, have new victories. I believe, I’ll hear new testimonies about your victories. Amen.

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