The God’s Word says that the hell and destruction are never full, so the eyes of man are never satisfied. Let’s examine how insatiable the underworld. The humanity endured losses since its creation. There is no person who never lost anything. Some people lost their wealth, some lost honour, reputation and some people lost their health, life, etc.

In fact, the whole world is composed of losses, we can even say that the world is reigned by god of the losses. Of course, our God reigns, but Adam passed to the devil the power given to him and from that moment the loses began in this world.

Just recollect how many losses you experienced in your life. But the good news is that if we accept Jesus Christ, then we cease enduring losses and start gaining everything in Him – life, eternity, the Lord’s presence and begin finding and acquiring. But once we go back and reject the power of God and His presence, the losses will return to our lives and we will begin to lose everything we gained till that moment. Examine personal life to make sure what it consists of, losses or gains, and according to that we can judge whether God’s presence exists in our lives or doesn’t.

Note that the world is cruel and it does everything to cause us losses, but we don’t give up, because the God who can recover all losses is with us; Job is striking example.

Three things – hell, destruction and the eyes of man will never be satisfied, and even seems they work together, like the actions of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Beloved, do not follow the look of your eyes, but follow the Lord and His strength. Do not trust in your physical eyes, but put your faith in your spirit and the eyes of the spirit. Then you will only gain and never lose. Amen.

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