There was time when we did not know the Lord and lived in a sinful world and our bodies served to sin. That is whatever sin wanted, we did it: blasphemed, lied, stole, committed adultery, got drunk, and killed. But when we received the Lord, the Word of God says, as the parts of your body served to impurity and wickedness, so now let them serve to righteousness and holiness.

Beloved, as much as you served to sin, today you can serve the Lord two times more and take His work further. 

I have decided in my life how much I lived and prospered in sin increasing sin day by day, I will serve God and do His works two, three and ten times more.

It was written in the Old Testament, “Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth”, but this does not apply in the New Testament. Let us be filled with holiness against sin and take the works of the Lord further.

God bless you, may today be a wonderful day for you. Amen.

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