The Apostle Paul writes beautiful words for believers. I would advise you to read the rest of those verses too. The message addressed to the church at Philippi, which filled Paul’s heart with joy. 

Frequently, the leader wants to see the results of own efforts, so that his/her heart filled with joy. And Apostle Paul did not want finances or any other material gifts, but had an eager desire to see the unity of church, so that Lord’s work gained ground. 

Each of us plays an important role in creation of the church and in order to perform our work properly, we need to acquire the traits that are mentioned in today’s word – love and consolation, mercy and bowels. We must have one accord and one mind. Of course, the thoughts of crowd don’t apply to this. Everyone thinks differently, but in the church, we must unite around the ideas and visions of the Lord and have communication of the Spirit. This indicates the unity. 

Beloved, let’s be united in spirit and thoughts. Our vision consists in love, serving the Christ and one another. When you’re busy, please remember every moment that you are a member of Christ’s body. Keep the unity of Christ’s Body!

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