Man has paths, not one, but many paths. One of the paths is the family. The wife, the children, each member of the family is a path, where man needs to reach success. Other paths are job, ministry in the church, friends, etc. 

Sometimes one of the man’s paths is straight, others are crooked. Maybe he is saved, but there is chaos in his family or everything is O.K. in the family, but he has failures in his job. There are people who are in faith, have good families, jobs, but have problems with their relatives, always quarreling, fighting. 

There are areas in each man’s life, that need correction and it is there we need success. If our paths are crooked into right or left, they lead us not to the kingdom of God, joy and happiness, but to chaos. 

Solomon the Wise gives a wonderful counsel: “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight”. 

You have many paths. Acknowledge Him in all your paths. Don’t trust you; don’t think you can do more than God. Maybe you are a good specialist, but trust the Lord in all your paths and He will make your paths straight. 

Beloved, give all your paths to the Lord from this day on, believe God and live in His power. Amen.

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