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Solomon the Wise who was filled with wisdom and there was no wise king like him, gives wonderful advice. Today the world is full of temptation and enticement. And if before various kinds of enticements were outside only and one could be hidden from them at home, today that is impossible. Enticement entered our homes through TV and computer. Of course, I mean sinful enticements which cause you to walk in the evil ways and commit sin.

How many adults and young people do not attend church anymore because they are enticed into sin? Let’s take a cigarette, which is regarded as one of the least sins, although sin cannot be light or heavy. When you ask a person, “Why did you start to smoke, why did you change the Word of God with a cigarette?” He answers, “I do not know, it happened out of my control, but now I cannot give it up”. The enemy will do his best to make us commit sin against God.

Beloved, we must understand that sin is born out of enticement. If there is no enticement, there would not be sin as well. We do not need to run away from sinners, on the contrary, we must love, help and lift them up. But when meeting them let the evil enticement not attract you, but you attract them with the Gospel and the Word of God. May the Lord bless you. Amen.

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