December 8-9 the annual Pastoral conference took place at our church, during which pastors, leaders and servants of “Word of Life” churches of Yerevan and regions of Armenia, as well as from foreign countries, were gathered under one roof.

In the frame of the conference, through their sermons and testimonies, the speakers were exhorting the attendees to always keep God’s fire burning inside them, and start serving the Lord with new energy. Today, more than ever, the world is in need of Jesus Christ’s salvation, and the church – of the gifts of Holy Spirit and the ministry gifts.

“Satan is terrified of our shouts. Today is the time we shout loudly at Satan, instead of allowing him to shout at us. The time has come for the Christian influence to be everywhere. We should not take the anointing from God, and then be silent or fall asleep: if you have anointing, then start acting through your gifts,” – noted pastor Arthur Simonyan, exhorting the servants to be spreaders of revival.

Bishop Rubik Tumanyan referred to holiness: “In our days, holiness is a very ignored and neglected thing. But if we want to see God, we should step into holiness. Our words have no value if we do not have corresponding lifestyle,”– he said, adding that by looking at us people must be able to see how to worship, how to obey, how to love.

Speaking about being a servant of God, pastor Nikolay Zalutsky signified faithfulness and intimacy with the Holy Spirit: “To succeed as a servant, you must pay a price – be faithful. The Lord’s Spirit moves, and when you serve loyally, his Spirit acts through you. The Lord’s Spirit is upon us, and His word, joy, wisdom, leadership and power will always be with us.”

Bishop Edward Grabovenko, testifying his life, spoke about Christian paths, noting that God passes every phase of our life with us: “Our Christian way is never easy, but while passing it we never cease to see God’s hand, He never ceases to be God and be glorified with His greatness in our life.

Today, rather than focusing on our convenience, clothing or reputation, we should set everything aside and serve the Lord, reach out to those who don’t know God yet.”

Throughout the entire conference there was God’s supernatural presence. More than a hundred pastors and 2000 leaders from 11 countries, gathered in one place, were united in worshiping the Lord, interacting with one another, testifying the Lord’s wonderful deeds in their life and service.

Besides services, the attendees also had master classes with pastors Arthur Simonyan, Leonid Malko and Bagrat Bekchyan, who taught and shared their experience with the servants.

During these days, thousands of people followed us through live streaming, this way becoming a participant of the  conference.

According to the attendees, the conference was really restoring and refreshing, which will allow them to serve God with new power and energy and bring fruit to His Kingdom.

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