Have you ever thought about the fact why God has chosen only David from the seven sons of Jesse in order to anoint a king over Israel?
In my opinion, before electing, God takes notice of something very valuable to Him in the character or behavior of the human. While reading the history of David in the Bible, we can see that before his anointing as a king he was grazing sheep of his father and was willing to expose himself to danger for their salvation. He even took away the lambs from the jaws of predators. If a man has no compassion upon the little lamb, how can God trust His ministry to him?
Today, making various promises on the eve of elections became a rule it the world, but unfortunately, very few people fulfill their promises after the elections. Meanwhile, after the elections, it is very important to stay the same as before the elections.
Beloved, if God has chosen us to serve Him, it means we must maintain within us all the positive merits that attracted the Lord’s attention to us.
In the book of Acts, it was stated a story of one man whose name was Cornelius. He was a virtuous, pious, prayerful, kind and compassionate man, but did not have a salvation. In order to convey the gospel of salvation to him, God sent His servants to Cornelius, because He saw such merits in him that could not remain Him indifferent.

And like Cornelius in our times it is very important for each of us once by choosing not to lose everything due to which God has chosen us, otherwise we can not meet the kingdom of heaven.


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