This is a wonderful record about Abraham and we can see God’s character here. What does God do to a man whom He loves and is pleased with? It is written when God destroyed the cities He remembered someone named Lot. Do you know why God remembered him? It was because of Abraham. Lot was saved because of Abraham. Of course, later he left Abraham and went in another direction probably thinking he had become an important person. But the Word of God shows that he received all his blessings because of Abraham. God was with Abraham.

Beloved, let us examine this verse today, meditate on it and think how we can be like Abraham, because he was a man of faith. He listened to God and walked according to His will. And because of his obedience God performed great things.

Let us become people through whom our relatives and family members may be saved from disaster and the evil may not touch them. The Bible says that the husband will be saved through his wife. That means your family members can be saved through your faith. As through Abraham a door of salvation was opened for Lot, so through our faith and faithfulness a door will be opened for the salvation of our families and relatives.  

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