In this verse we see the first human sin and disobedience. Man did something God told him not to do. Let us understand the reason why Adam and Eve could not resist temptation. It is written that the tree was good for food; it was pleasant to the eyes and desirable.

Today very often sin is offered just in this way. People see it is good, pleasant and desirable. They cannot stand temptation and fall into sin.

It is the Lord’s will to open our spiritual eyes and see the things which are pleasant not only for us, but for the Lord, and which are desirable not only for our soul, but the spirit.

If we really open our spiritual eyes, we will find pleasure in the Word of God, in prayer, living in accordance with the Word and doing good to people and lifting them up.

Beloved, do not take the way of first Adam, but walk in the way of second Adam, who is Christ Jesus. He gave all favor to God. If you walk in the spirit, you will not fall into sin.

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