“Go and See” Mercy Ministry was founded in 1992. It was a period in Armenia, when Communist regime had already been collapsed, and a new independent Republic of Armenia was forming; the Nagorno-Karabakh war was fought, and because of it, Armenia was blockaded. All the factories were closed; as there was no electricity, the whole country was in darkness.

Yerevan and the adjacent regions were overpopulated with Armenian refugees from Azerbaijan, and with those who suffered the 1988 Earthquake in Spitak (because of the 1988 Armenian Earthquake, thousands of people died, 3 cities and many villages were totally destroyed). Hunger and unemployment were rampant, and queues for bread around the clock were commonplace.

In order to found this ministry and to lay its further course, we needed supernatural mentality, as in contrast to other charitable organizations in Armenia, which received support from abroad, funding of this ministry had to be raised by donations of a group of Armenians abandoned to blockade and hunger.


To support the Government by carrying out mutual programs aimed at improvement of the nation’s social conditions.

To study the reason of poverty and the roots of the reason, and after eliminating the roots, to eliminate the consequences as well. ‘Not only to take people out of their hut, but to take the hut out of the people, and ‘Not only to give people fish to eat, but to teach them to catch fish’.

To study the social conditions of the needy and to work out proper social plans aimed at improvement of those conditions.