Wonderful words are written here: “…His praise endureth for ever”. (In Armenian translation – “His blessing endureth for ever”). But let us read it from the beginning: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom… “.

Wisdom is one of the most important and indispensable qualities which we need. I mentioned many times that wisdom and competence, knowledge are different conceptions. For example, you can meet everywhere very educated insolent fellows, bribetakers or frankly bad people, but you can never meet any wise insolent fellows, bribetakers or bad people, because a wise man knows how it ends.

Many people believe that only getting education is sufficient. Of course, an education helps in the working area. However, there happen situations in life, where only the education is not enough, wisdom is also necessary.

Wisdom is a gift from the God. Seeing the future and knowing the events of the future mean to be wise. Have you ever noticed when someone’s words came true you thought yourselves: “What a wise man, he/she knew how everything would end”.  Right, that is the wisdom, which helps us to see the future and make right movements.

People often say: “If I had the current mind in my young days, I could remake so many things”. That is, if they knew at that time what would happen in the future, then they would live and act otherwise, in order to have findings in life instead of losses. 

For example, some people don’t go far in business for lack of wisdom. They make or import the goods that aren’t tradable and therefore unsaleable. And others, on the contrary, establish such business, which brings in return for many years. This is a sign of wisdom.

The reason of our poverty, various problems and difficulties consists in the lack of wisdom. Many people emigrate from our country and hope to find a “civilized” life on foreign land. But we can’t know, maybe God prepared the blessings for us exactly where we live. We just need wisdom to understand what we should do and how we should act in order to be successful.

Each of us needs wisdom to know how to deal with family members or friends, how to act in work place and how to serve in the church, etc. 

It is written that only those who have the fear of the Lord will get wisdom. Even if you say spiteful things about someone, it means that you have no fear of God. Ask God to help you. Have the fear of God in every area of your life.


May the Lord help you! Amen.

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