Let’s compare the house and tabernacle. I think everyone will agree that owning a house is better than just having a tabernacle. In our understanding, a tabernacle is something temporary but a house permanent, even eternal, which can be handed down a legacy. But a question arises, where is it better to live? In the house of the wicked or in the tabernacle of the uprights?

The tabernacle is compact and takes up less space but it can be expanded or extended, it has a potential for enlargement. A house is bigger, but it can be destroyed. Today, many people, including believers, tend to the houses of the wicked. And those wicked people sitting in their houses looking at the tabernacles and jeer.

But the tabernacles should flourish, because uprights live there. After all, God’s Word says that better is a dry morsel and quietness therewith, than a house full of sacrifices with strife. 

Therefore, beloved, we see an interesting revelation in this verse that we do not need to wish momentary goods, we can ignore them. Because a small tabernacle has a potential for development and prosperity, we just need to keep own righteousness.

Here’s a revelation: it is better to keep the righteousness in the tabernacle, which has an ability to develop and prosper, than in the house, which can lead to destruction. Seek consolation in house, which was given you by God.  

We don’t have anything except for the tabernacle in this world, since our eternal house is in the heaven. Jesus said he was going to prepare houses for us in the heaven, where we would live forever. 

Beloved, do not be tempted with the houses of wicked. Live happily and rejoice in the tabernacle of the uprights. Remember, there is a house leading to destruction, but the tabernacle can prosper. 

May God bless your prosperous tabernacle! Amen.

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