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Jesus Christ gave His disciples power and authority to heal the sick, to drive out demons. Notice that before the gifts of healing and delivering operated, Jesus called His disciples together. Nothing is written in vein in the Word of God. If something is written, then that is very important. We must learn to make emphasize on the importance. Jesus called His disciples not to different places, but in one place. When the believers come together in one place, that is the church of the Lord.

The church is the place where people not only come together, but have one thinking, one spiritual state, serve and worship one God. I do not speak about turning into crowd, where all have thinking of the crowd. No, every man has his choice, taste, style, profession and education. But as for spiritual matters, we must have the same thinking, come around the one idea, because we worship the same God. When we come together, according to the Word of God, the Lord is in us.

Beloved, if you are a church member, come together with the people of God, you must start to think you have been given authority to heal the sick and to deliver people.

Don’t fear any demonic demonstration, witchcraft or illness. You will not be either sick or live under curse, but will yourself heal and deliver people.

Be blessed, healed and delivered. Also help others to receive healing and deliverance. God bless you! Amen.

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