This verse tells us what kind the early church was. The Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever, and the church has to be the same. Everything is changeable in the world, but there are things that can not be changed. The Word of God and the Church of God is the most important among them.

It is written that people who hear the word were baptized and that day 3,000 people were added. It is interesting that the church was able to keep so many people. Today, many people who do marketology and management give the question how people with no special education could have as many loyal successors. They do not realize that the power is in God and His word, not the pastor keeps them but God does.

And what need God to keep people? The apostle Paul reveals the secret: “…they follow the apostles’ doctrine and communion, the breaking of bread and prayers”. Apostles’ doctrine meant God’s word that the apostles had preached, who took the communion, talked and prayed.

Therefore, so that the church grow stronger in the Lord, we need to follow the teachings of the Apostles, that is to hear the word of God and be doer of it, have fellowship with the members and the ministers of the church, to participate in the Lord’s Supper, the holy Communion and to remain in our prayers. Then, the church will be strong and powerful.

Beloved, be subject to today’s word and abide in the church. Amen.

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