Yesterday we were talking about Daniel, about how he had prospered during the Persian reign. In today’s message we can see that he was not only successful, but also above all the presidents and princes and the king wanted to set him over the whole realm. And the point is not that he was more attractive then others or had high intellectual performances. God’s Word says that an excellent spirit was in him.

I wonder what kind of spirit was in Daniel, who was not in others. Beloved, the Holy Spirit and His power lived in Daniel. Nowadays the same Spirit dwells in us. If you are guided by the Holy Spirit and follow God’s wisdom, then you will be promoted, no matter where you work. This is the fate of people who are with God.

Look at the life of Joseph. He was released from prison and became the ruler of Egypt. The reason is that the same excellent spirit was in him too.

We have a power to proclaim, like Jesus Christ, that the Spirit of the Lord God is upon us and the Lord has anointed us. Appreciate the presence of the Holy Spirit! His power is given to us not only for speaking unknown languages. The Holy Spirit came to help us making great things for the Lord. Be attentive to your mission and what should be done by force of the Holy Spirit.

May God bless you! Amen.

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