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Jeremiah writes that God’s faithfulness is great and so we are getting updated every morning.

Beloved, you’ll surely be updated every morning if provided accept these words by faith. Undoubtedly, there are days in our life when we are sad or depressed, but the next morning we wake up healed and refreshed with no idea what had happened over a night. That’s exactly what Jeremiah wrote – they’re new every morning.

Let’s believe in these words. Let’s avoid grumbling or complaining about our life, before going to bed at nights, but let’s just pray for God renews us each morning.

Very often we think that God will necessarily update the other, but not us. Rely on God’s faithfulness and every morning you will wake up in better condition than you’d been the day before. Just say to the Lord: “My God, great is your faithfulness, I fall asleep believing that in the morning I will be refreshed and restored”.

Of course, if your heart does not have faith in God or it isn’t devoted to Him enough, then your peace will not be perfect. Believe and devote yourself to the Lord! He is true and everything we are unable to achieve in life, He may realize for us. Before going to bed at night, ask God for help and renewal. And when you wake up in the morning, make sure you are full of new revelations and a triumphant mood.

God bless you, abide in God’s peace! Amen. 

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