Terrors and fears attack man and torment him. They are like a disease. Just as people receive treatment for diseases, it is important to get over these fears and terrors as soon as possible. 

Some people are afraid of poverty; even very rich people can suffer these fears, imagining that they can grow poorer. Others are afraid of the future.  

I was talking to one girl a few days ago who was tormented and terrified by fear. She was thirty years old and she was afraid that could not get marry and have children, but most of all she was tormented by the thought that someday she would be alone.

Undoubtedly, it is quite normal when we have concerns regarding own future, it helps us to build a personal life by the way. However, when we begin to fear, it limits us. The fear is starting to build barriers around us, preventing people to come closer. That’s why we need to get rid of fear.

The God’s Word protects us. A faith is being formed in us while reading the Bible and the faith is the evidence of things not seen. Look what it is written: “Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night, for the arrow flieth by day…”. When does such thing happen? If you read the 91st Psalm from the beginning, it will become clear that these words apply to the people who dwell in the secret place of the most High. 

Beloved, today I encourage you to enter into the secret place of the most High and dwell there. Read the word of God and stay in the prayer and then no fear can torment and come close to you.

I know many women who trusted in the Lord, got rid of the fear of loneliness and organized personal life the way that they never had to feel alone again. I also know people who were once poor, but after became rich. 

So, fill with faith and be free in the Lord. You should know that fear comes from the devil – he inspires scary and horrible thoughts. Read the Bible often and much and believe that God’s power will always be with you, and you will never have to fear anything. Amen.

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