You may have heard the saying that a smart man will come out of every evil, but the wise one will not fall into evil. God’s will for us is not only to be smart, but wise so that we would not fall into evil.

The Word of God says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. If we have a fear of God, it will bring wisdom and remove evil from our lives.

Today the biggest fall in people’s life is caused by pride and arrogance. Therefore the Word of God instructs us to walk in godly fear. It will help us to hate evil and remove pride and arrogance from our lives.

If someone believes and worships God but walks on the evil ways, commit sins and speaks evil things, that is not godliness. True godliness is hating evil. Many state they are god-fearing. I want to ask them how much do they hate evil?

My word for today is: hate evil and everything which is from evil, have godly fear and be filled with faith.

May the blessing of the Lord be with you.

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