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The book of proverbs is written in such a way that you want to read it again and again. What wisdom is there!

Why did Jesus say, “Let your “yes” be “yes”, and “no” be “no”? Why does James write, “If anyone does not stumble in word, he is a perfect man”. In Proverbs 12:19 it is written that truth endures forever, but lie lasts a moment. Remember Jesus Christ, the apostles. They proclaimed words, which are remembered and preached up to this day. 

I am sure God has not called you to live a life without purpose. You can say a word which will be remembered forever. Many people remember the words of their fathers, grandfathers and say their words were true. 

It is written, “…a lying tongue lasts only a moment”. If you lie or exaggerate, people may listen to you and pretend they understand you, but in reality they will not accept you and will speak behind you, gossip and scorn you. 

He, who lies, is a man, who has not established himself. He tries to earn an appraisal. Beloved, if you want appraisal, it is better to get an eternal, than momentary appraisal. You don’t know why people leave eternal and go after the momentary. 

Let us become people who will win eternal appraisals. Let us have truthful lips, so that the words we say, will remain after us. 

May the Lord bless you. Amen.

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