Change is an inseparable part of life, whether we want it or not. Change is also inevitable in the church life. Yes, the Gospel is unchangeable, the truth is unchangeable, but the methods and forms of activity can change from time to time in order for the church to be more fruitful.

Now, our church in Yerevan is undergoing changes, which apply to the form of Sunday service, leaders’ meetings and the Bible school.

For a long time I was seeking for the face of the Lord to get wisdom about the implementation of the new changes. And now is the time when, after the preparation phase, we are starting to make practical moves. These are not just changes for the sake of making changes. I have received all of this from God as a result of praying and thinking for a long time, and all this has gained the approval of our ministers team and church members.

First, we extend the time of worship during Sunday service. It will last for about 45 minutes. The aim of this change is to let people fully enter the worship without interruptions, and experience the presence and touch of the Lord. The Bible says that God dwells in the praise of His people.

Afterwards, the sermon about donation will last for 10 minutes, which will be followed by short video announcements. Another hour will be provided to the preacher. At the end of the service, the new-believers will not be invited forward. Instead, we have prepared a special hall, where our ministers will pray for them, answer their questions, present New Testimonies to them and continue the friendly communication while having some tea or coffee.

Every Tuesday, leaders’ meetings used to take place. Henceforth, on Tuesdays we are going to hold teaching services, which will be open to everyone. During these days, thorough knowledge about the current topics of Christian life will be given. You may ask, what will happen to the leaders’ service? From now on, each district pastor will have separate meetings with the leaders of his pastoral territory with particular intervals, e.g. once every two months.

Rather interesting changes have been made to the Bible school. For several years I was thinking what new teaching system we could adapt to make the spiritual education more alive, interesting, interactive, and for it to be convenient for more people who are not able to participate in the lessons 5 days a week.

So now we are passing to a new form and method of education. This year the classes will be held with 40-day intervals, two days a week – Friday and Saturday. Three to four topics will be taught each day. The schedule is 10:00 – 17:00. The lessons consist of 7-8 classes, each lasting 50 minutes.

During the breaks, the students will have some coffee or tea, and in lunchtime, they will dine with the teachers.

The teaching will be led in an interactive way. There will be discussions, answer & question, interaction between the teacher and the class. 

These are the changes we implement today. We are certain that all of this will make the church’s service more productive, and its fruit will praise the Lord.

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