We strive to do the will of God, the work of the Gospel and glorify His name. Christ did everything for us on the cross, and today we, as a church, also want to be grateful to God with our good works.



The Ministry of Mercy, “Go and see…” was founded in the “Word of Life” Church of Armenia in 1992. 

It was hard period for Armenia, when the socialist system was already collapsed and a new independent Republic of Armenia began to form, the Karabakh war was going on due to which Armenia was under blockade. Factories and plants did not work and due to the lack of electricity the country was plunged into darkness. 

“How many loaves have ye? go and see. …” Mark 6. 30-44



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Jesus said: “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18: 20 NIV).

Once a week we gather in house churches, where we pray, study the Word of God, grow in faith and piety.

Here we can give others as well as receive love, joy and prayer support for all our problems. God wants every Christian to serve their neighbor with those gifts and talents that He has put in us. The house church allows all of us to be servants of God.



Education is valuable to us. The same applies to the spiritual education. The Apostle Paul writes, that God’s will is that people not only be saved but also come to the knowledge of the truth.

We have 9-month and 3-month Bible schools, which were created with one purpose: to see Christians educated on the Word of God, full of faith and strong in prayer.

It can be said that our students are provided with an opportunity to live by the Gospel and serve God with their gifts every day for a year.

Also the Internet Bible school is for those who are very busy or live outside Armenia.

7×70 TV

Due to 7×70.tv Christian television, you can watch various videos: sermons, films, music videos, interviews, testimonies of miracles, questions and answers, youth and historical programs as well as news.

7×70.tv provides live broadcast of Sunday church services, conferences and events, placing their video recordings as well.

The “Word of Life” newspaper is available both in hardcopy and electronic formats. It can become one of your interesting “interlocutors”. You will find meaningful materials that will leave a trace in your life, and maybe you will receive answers to your burning questions. The rest will be told by the newspaper itself. So, we wish you a pleasant reading.