The apostle Paul calls the church in Philippe to stay in obedience to the Word of God not only in his presence, but also in his absence. Therefore, he writes: “…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” It’s very easy to follow God’s Word and live a proper spiritual life, while being with the apostles and spiritual leaders. But can we continue the same lifestyle when there is none of them beside us?

I think each person is able to manage himself. It is not necessarily to have someone to put a pressure upon us every time in order to follow the Christ; we can make decisions ourselves and act accordingly to the Lord.

Nowadays, there is a widespread doctrine stating that if you are once saved, then you are saved forever. It seems to me a heresy. While reading the Bible, we see that the salvation can be lost.

Of course, according to the teachings of the New Testament, we are under grace, but that does not allow us to sin, we should not be ungrateful. Today, there are many discussions in the Christian circles about the use of alcoholic beverages and other customs and habits inherent the lifestyle of the world. Some people say: “We are saved, and no matter what we do, we will still go to heaven.” But the Apostle Paul writes: “…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” This means that if we do not watch and keep our holiness and righteousness, we can lose our salvation.

This teaches will become more in recent times. And if Christians are not careful and are not tolerant to liberalism in Christianity, then the sin will spread all over the world more and more. And the Bible says that the penalty for sin is death. We need to be principled people and reject any manifestation of wickedness.

Beloved, you should never try to justify the sin. No matter how much we said “We are under the grace”, if we deliberately sin, then there is no blood of atonement for us anymore. There is only one-way to the righteousness – it is confession. Confess your sins and work out your own salvation with fear and trembling! Amen.

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