It is the end of the year, and it’s time for software firms to showcase their new products. The most appealing one must have been Microsoft’s recent release of Windows 7. In December, another one of the merchandise that I focus on has also been released, ZWCAD 2010 Beta. I’m looked forward to working with the just released beta of ZWCAD 2010 () on the just released operating system, Windows 7. When I heard the news of ZWCAD 2010 Beta (), I was curious about it, and so I instantly downloaded () and installed it. I have a tendency to test new applications without any help from ZWSOFT () or Microsoft, since I need to evaluate them and then determine for myself whether or not to upgrade the applications. After few days’ evaluation, I was surprised by the results. ZWSOFT () is fully compatible with Windows 7, despite the dongle driver. (In yesteryear, you needed to install one more dongle driver for the 64-bit version of Windows Vista; now everything goes smoothly with no additional patches.) All ZWCAD () functions operate in Windows 7 ().

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Additionally, I found that the progress to ZWCAD 2010 () mean it operates quicker and smoother in relation to the previous version. ZWCAD users can now avail themselves of the many attributes unique to Windows 7 () and the progress to ZWCAD () to get their work done faster, and to better manage their work flow, files, and archive files. There is one fascinating thing that I found in the new ZWCAD () and Windows 7 (): neither of them have as many new attributes as their preceding versions. Despite this, the progress make me feel more comfortable with the applications, and the speed augmentations are evident. Maybe that is the fashion for this particular year. In closure, I have some tips that I want to share with other ZWCAD users who run their computers on Windows 7 (): 1. When you install ZWCAD on Windows 7, you might see a warning message about whether this program should be trusted, just as in Vista.

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But you’re safe to continue. The warning appears, you know, until they pay Microsoft to analyze the software. You must install ZWCAD as when you start ZWCAD for the very first time, along with Administrator. This really is due to some information being generated and stored in the registry. To do this, right-click the ZWCAD then choose Run as Administrator from the shortcut menu, and icon. ZWCAD 2010 supports both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. No additional drivers or programs need to be installed. It’s wonderful operating in ZWCAD 2010 () on Windows 7. As the New Year approaches, now is the time to experiment with something new.

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