Before a judge sentences he orders the probation department to prepare a report around the opposition with data regarding sentencing, an individual, called a report or a probation report. He makes one last determination regarding sentencing, after he says the suggestion of the probation officer and also the record. Process The instructions the probation report to be authored by the probation officer and instructions the opponent to make contact with the probation office for a statement. bestessay The officer interviews the offender. She investigates background info, including substance acquired from the defendant, parties that are involved and patients. The report is subsequently submitted by her. Three to five weeks are taken from by this method. Articles The probation report contains factors that are appropriate to the defendant’s sentencing. These include the opponent’s declaration, information from the police survey, prison record and target and interested party statements. Additionally, the report can include info on the opponentis childhood, education, function record, drug abuse issues and existing family situation.

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Ultimately, a recommendation that is sentencing is included by the probation officer. Sentencing Factors Factors that were sentencing may be divided in to two teams– mitigating and aggravating. Sentences can be lengthened by factors; mitigating elements could lessen sentences. Some of these elements range from the circumstances surrounding the defendantis importance of remedy of any kind today’s wrongdoing, the defendant’s age, criminal history and motivation to take part in probation. The court also thinks the needs of justice and also prey assertions.

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