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The Word of God says, “I will give them a heart to know me…” Doesn’t this speak about our times? Today many are baptized with the Holy Spirit and their hearts are renewed. Their thinking, lives are changed.[push h=”15″]

Jesus Christ did not come only to save us. He came to renew our souls. Before His coming, people knew God and approached Him through the law. But today we have a new heart and we know God in our hearts.[push h=”15″]

It is impossible to have a new heart without receiving Christ, without meeting with God and communicating with Him. Beloved, if you receive Jesus Christ as the king of your heart, ask Him to become your Lord, then you will have a new heart. It is one thing to believe in church, and quite another thing to believe in God. There are people who attend church, but do not believe in God.[push h=”15″]

You must believe in God to go to church and not the contrary. And that is impossible without a new heart and new thinking. It is written, “…for they will return to me with all their heart”. We must turn not with one part of heart, but with all our heart, and God promises to be our God.[push h=”15″]

Maybe you are a Christian and by reading this verse you understand your heart is not totally committed to God. Beloved, give your all heart to God and you will never regret for that. You will be filled with goods, the glory and kingdom of God will come upon you.[push h=”15″]

Be blessed. Amen.[push h=”15″]