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It was the summer of 1993. I felt bad and visited a doctor. The doctor told I needn’t worry, I had just caught cold. But in the course of time the pains got so severe that I was not able to get out of bed. I again visited a doctor. I was diagnosed with an incurable disease.[push h=”15″]

I heard the doctor through the half-opened door saying my husband, “It’s too late, cancer spread from stomach to gullet and other organs, it is useless even to make a surgery. She will live no more than one month…”.[push h=”15″]

It is impossible to express in words how one feels when he or she knows that he/she has a few days to live.
I imagined myself already dead, lying in grave. I didn’t have any hope of recovery. When my relatives knew I was close to death, they came to make farewells. It was so overwhelming. I was suffering unbearable pains. My body was as if burning, I lied in bed unmoved for 24 days, I couldn’t eat anything, even drink water. I lost my weight and was so weak and exhausted that I was afraid to look at me in the mirror.[push h=”15″]

I asked to take my children from my side, so that they would not see their mother suffering. My son was 13, daughters were younger, but they understood everything. My husband, who could control himself in every situation, tried to not show his feelings, but I could realize he was suffering with me and was powerless to change anything. He had to sell our car in order to buy medication for me. But God came for help earlier than we got them.[push h=”15″]

One day the wife of my husband’s friend visited me and seeing my hard condition began to talk about God. She said that God could heal me and read the 53th chapter of the book of Isaiah, where it was written: “By His wounds we were healed”.[push h=”15″]

The reading of the Word of God brought hope of life in my heart. That night I decided to pray God from all my heart and said: “Jesus, I don’t know You and I don’t even know whether the words of that woman are true or not. If You really exist, please, give me life. I have children, I don’t want to die, I want to live”. After that prayer for the first time I slept without pain.[push h=”15″]

The wife of my husband’s friend invited me to church. First I refused to go and said that I didn’t have time, then as if someone told me, “You are in a grave with one leg and still say ‘I don’t have time’, when are you going to have time?”. I decided to go without fail.[push h=”15″]

I had not walked without the help of someone for a long time. On that day I got out of bed, dressed and left home alone. I had to walk from one bus stop to another to get the place of the meeting. It seemed I was not walking but someone was carrying me in his hands. I was a bit late for the service. The meeting had already started. I sat down and listened to the praise silently, then the Word of God was preached. At the end of the meeting they prayed for me.[push h=”15″]

During prayer I felt power like fire passed through my body, which continued for several minutes. After that when I looked at me in the mirror, I was like another person, the shadow of death left me, my eyes were shining and filled with life. My husband also noticed the change in me, when he came to take me home. I didn’t go to be checked in the hospital, as I felt very well, didn’t have pains and my appetite was restored after 24 days of starvation.[push h=”15″]

A few months later during a big church service the preacher said there was a lady in the hall for whom God had sent him. He pointed to the direction I was sitting and mentioned the name of my illness. I could not stand on my feet out of excitement. He prayed for me and drove out the spirit of sickness. I felt something with unbearable smell come out of me and left. The presence of God was so powerful that I was unconscious for a long time.[push h=”15″]

Years passed until in 2002 I went for medical examination. The doctors confirmed I was totally healthy. Since then 17 years have passed. Now I am surrounded with my family members totally healed and recovered. Praise God. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. His hand is not shortened to save people, to heal and restore broken lives and destinies. Today I serve God with all my family as a sign of love and gratitude.[push h=”15″]

Hripsime Khudoyan