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The Lord commanded the servants to serve their masters in perfect faithfulness, not answering again, but to be obedient. Faithfulness is one of the keys leading to the blessings. Wherever you work or serve, please be faithful to your superiors. [push h=”15″]

There was a time when people got a job and worked at the same place around ten years with devotion, but now everything has changed. Some people cannot work in one place even a month; they lie down on the job despite the fact that it is quite difficult to find a good job now. If you are а bad employee and you revile against your bosses then it will bring a curse into your life.[push h=”15″]

Never contradict your management, because due to them you are provided with job today. Perhaps only because of them you get the amount that earn now. Do not count their money. Work correctly and you will be blessed.[push h=”15″]

It is possible that you evaluate your work at a higher price than you actually earn, but it should not prevent you to complete the errands correctly. You should work with the same faithfulness as you get a monthly salary. Because you have chosen your job and no one compelled you. But if you do not want to work, then it is better to let other people to work in your place; the one who will work with joy and faithfulness.[push h=”15″]

It is written: “…but shewing all good fidelity; that they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things”.[push h=”15″]

Beloved, be faithful servants. God bless you! Amen.[push h=”15″]