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The apostle Paul is addressing this verse to Philemon. This is a wonderful word about the character of servant. I am getting more and surer that the Bible does not tell anything without a reason. It’s written: “For we have great joy and consolation in thy love, because the bowels of the saints are refreshed by thee”.[push h=”15″]

Please pay attention to the fact that Philemon was a person full of love. He not only loved people but also the bowels of the saints were refreshed by him. In my opinion, Philemon is a great example for us and we can act like him and bring more fruits. We can become kind of person who can refresh the hearts of the saints, but not kind of person whom the people will look and will trouble, change their ways and have no with to deal with us. Let’s just be the people who are filled with love and bring rest and peace to another’s.[push h=”15″]

Of course, this has direct relation with character. We should change our character to cohere and adapt with others. Many people don’t want to change their characters. They want whole the world coheres with them.[push h=”15″]

Beloved, Philemon is a great example for us. Let’s try to become kind of people so that others can get a peace through you and God’s praise and power stay upon you. Be hospitable and stay with other people. Be kind of people thorough whom the saints will get peace but not want to escape from. To be short, be like the Christ. Amen. [push h=”15″]