Yesterday we talked about the fact, if someone says he knows the Lord, but does not keep His commandments is a liar. Today we also can see if someone abides in the God then must walk as God did. [push h=”15″]

Let’s remember how Jesus Christ was acting in this world. Did you know that many people want to have the achievements of the Christ in their lives, but not His suffering? Jesus was healing people, raising the dead and feeding the poor… Perhaps we can not find any person in the church who would not want to act like Jesus. There is no single pastor who would not want to train such 12 disciples who would preach the Gospel all over the world. There is no single preacher who would not want to preach to tens of thousands people. Remember about walking on the water, freeing the demon-possessed and many more.[push h=”15″]

But are we ready to bear our cross like Jesus Christ? Endure the persecution and suffering that Jesus endured and bring the sacrifices that Jesus brought? He refused all the kingdoms and their glory; because he came into the world to fulfill the will of His Father in heaven but not His own one.[push h=”15″]

And like Jesus if you can go to the mountains every day and pray, live in the Word of God, love people, not to be indifferent to the suffering and illness of any of them, have such diligence, so that in case of need to spend several days in a way to help only one person, compassionate like Jesus and therefore raised Lazarus?[push h=”15″]

If you have all that you’ll have a success as well. Frequently we want to have success, but do not want obstacles. It is written: “He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.”[push h=”15”]

Beloved, let us act like Jesus, to serve people like Jesus, and then we will bring much fruits for the kingdom of the God.[push h=”15″]

Be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen.