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2_1532_smallI was 41 years’ old and had three children, when I got pregnant again. I found myself in a hopeless situation, because I did not want to have another child, especially when my children were already young; one of them was even a student. My husband was also unhappy with that fact and forced me to get rid of that child. I realized it was a sin, but for the peace of my family I decided to get an abortion.[push h=”15″]

On the way to hospital I felt God was talking to me against that step. I wanted to obey Him with all my heart, so I prayed, “Lord, You see I do not want to resist Your will, but there is no other way for me. I have no more power to fight, please understand me and don’t turn Your face from me. You are my hope”. [push h=”15″]

I went into hospital with tears in my eyes. The doctor accepted me and did her job. All the while I was praying and asking God for protection. When I came back home, I was constantly thinking of my child, wondering what color his eyes and hair would be. I was in despair. I was saying to God, “Lord, what did I do? I killed my child with my own hands”.[push h=”15″]

Three months passed. I suddenly felt something was moving in my womb. I went to the same doctor. When she examined me, she said, “You are pregnant. The child is already 5 months and he is moving. This is impossible, because I have removed this fetus with my own hands”. I was surprised how the child could stay alive after abortion. The doctor said he would be born with defects and advised to terminate pregnancy.[push h=”15″]

I was so depressed that I could not realize what to do. From one hand I did not want to get rid of the child, because he was quite mature, on the other hand, I was afraid he would be born as a defective child.[push h=”15″]

I came home and told my husband what had happened. My husband was for termination of pregnancy, but my sister suggested me not to hurry, but to be examined with another doctor, then to make a decision. I did it. After medical examinations it was turned out I would have a normal and healthy boy. The doctor was very surprised when she learned what had happened. I asked her maybe it was because I had twins in my womb, and one of them stayed alive. But she said it was impossible.[push h=”15″]

I realized what a terrible sin I had committed and decided not to kill my baby for the second time, which miraculously stayed alive. God empowered me to stand against all attacks coming from my family and relatives. I stood before the Lord with faith and cried out, “Lord, I ask You for my baby to be born healthy, and I promise You he will serve You in all his life”.[push h=”15″]

Now my son is 9 years’ old, he studies in the second grade. We love him so much. He is filled with the Spirit of God.[push h=”15″]

I would like to speak to those women who are in this situation. If you have decided to get rid of your child for some reason, I call you and ask: don’t kill your child, because that is a terrible sin and a great pain for the parent’s heart. [push h=”15″]
Susanna Eghiazaryan