Beloved, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. We know we are called to walk in freedom and live a free life. But freedom is a relative conception. [push h=”15″]

For someone freedom is when he or she is dressed as he or she likes, and no one tells him or her anything about his or her clothes. For another freedom is to lie on the street, for the third freedom is to speak whatever he wants and that no one would be able to shut his mouth. For another freedom is to leave parents and live alone. Many of the young people think that if they dress in a modern way, they can despise the word of the elderly and keep on their opinions. [push h=”15″]

But the Bible teaches us what freedom is. It is written where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. [push h=”15″]

What does freedom mean? What do we want to be free from? If we put the question in this way, we will understand what freedom really means. [push h=”15″]

The Word of the Lord brings us freedom from all kind of sin. Free person is the one, who is free from sins. What is the benefit if you lie on the street, leave your parents, speak whatever you want, but be filled with sins without having spiritual freedom. [push h=”15″]

Holy Spirit came into our lives to bring us freedom. God saved us from a “hen house” and gave an eagle’s life so that we would fly freely depending on the will of God and not one another’s opinion. [push h=”15″]

So, be in the Spirit of the Lord. Be free from all kind of sins and transgressions, have your own opinion not depending on the crowd’s opinion, particularly when it comes to following God and communicating with Him. [push h=”15″]
God bless you. Keep your individuality. Amen.