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December 8-9 our annual Pastors and Leaders Conference will take place, which will be for both the pastors and leaders of “Word of Life” churches of Armenia and our pastors from abroad.[push h=”15″]

The following speakers are going to preach during the conference: senior pastor of “Word of Life” church in Armenia, Arthur Simonyan; bishop of the “Unity” of Armenian Pentecostal churches, Rubik Tumanyan; senior bishop of the Russian Pentecostal church, Eduard Grabovenko and his first deputy pastor Nikolay Zalutsky.[push h=”15″]

The conference will be held according to the following schedule:[push h=”15″]


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The entrance to the meetings on Thursday and Friday will be by permit. The church services on Saturday and Sunday will be open to all. You can watch the live streaming of the conference on 7×70.tv, wolarm.org websites and via wolarm mobile app.[push h=”15″]

For additional information, questions and registration, please call (+374) 55 01 67 78 or write to the e-mail address m.baghdasaryan@wolarm.org.[push h=”15″]

Follow current news about the conference on the wolarm.org website.[push h=”15″]