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On December 17 the three-day Pastors’ Conference came to an end in “Word of Life” Church of Yerevan, within the framework of which Armenian pastors from different countries of the world had come to Yerevan. Johannes Justus, the Bishop of the Union of Evangelical Churches in Germany, was the honorable guest of the conference. [push h=”15″]

Pastor Arthur Simonyan noted that the Lord had put a desire in his heart to organize that conference. “Every year we will organize a similar conference so that every pastor can come to his church, i.e. his “father’s house” and enjoy the warmth of his “father’s house”. Here we will take care of them and make them stronger so that they will serve with new vigor and bear fruit. The main purpose is to spread the power of the Holy Spirit all over the world so that people will repent and find salvation”, – noted Pastor Arthur. [push h=”15″]

Bishop Johannes Justus noted in his sermon that the Lord Jesus Christ and His Great Commission unite the Christians of the world. Each Christian is called to serve, have victories, raise new workers and receive his crown in the Kingdom of Heaven. [push h=”15″]

“The Lord’s language of love is humility. In order to draw much closer to God and reach the crown of glory, we go up by humbling ourselves. Past experience does not show what the future will be like. To have new successes, we have to humble ourselves and leave the old things behind”, – said the Bishop. [push h=”15″]

There was a wonderful atmosphere during the conference. Pastors were sharing their impressions and communicating with one another. [push h=”15″]

“As people of God, we have to learn to humble ourselves because it is when the Lord is glorified and exalted. When we humble ourselves, God rises up and so He raises us,” – noted Emil Sargsyan, the pastor of “Word of Life” Church in Holland. [push h=”15″]

According to Ashot Margaryan, the pastor of “Word of Life” Church in Vienna, we shouldn’t rely only on our own experience and knowledge: “We need to realize and believe that the possibilities of the Lord are incomparably more than your experience can show”.

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