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It was the desire of king David that the light and the truth of God would lead him to the holy mountain and the dwelling places of God. We know God prepares eternal dwellings in heaven. Remember that Christ said there are many dwellings in His father’s house. Jesus is the Carpenter who went to Heaven to prepare houses for us and also to intercede for us. We know by walking on the mountains of the Lord we will reach to His dwelling places. [push h=”15″]  
But there is an important verse here which says, “Send forth your light and your truth”, which are needed for reaching the mountain and the dwelling places of God. This prayer was really heard and these were prophetic words about Christ. Nearly two thousand years ago a child was born to us, Jesus Christ. He is our light, He leads us in truth. Today, beloved, by believing in Christ, in the light and following Him we receive supernatural power to walk to the holy mountains and the dwelling places of God. [push h=”15″]

The earthly places we dwell now, are temporary, but there are dwellings which are eternal. Only by following Christ we can reach eternal dwelling places. Today many people choose their temporary shelters thinking they are eternal. Christ brought light and truth to this world, let’s follow that light and truth. [push h=”15″]

If your works are dark today and you are lacking light, cling to Jesus, the Holy Spirit more and your light will shine in this dark world. [push h=”15″]

May the Lord bless you. Amen. [push h=”15″]