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This week we’ll talk about the faithfulness. It is one of the ways leading to the God’s blessings.[push h=”15″]

The 146 Psalm says that God created the heaven and the earth, the sea and all that in them and truly keeps all these forever. Heaven, earth and seas do not pass their borders and do not end, because God truly keeps everything created by Him.[push h=”15″]

The same can be said about the human, because a human is created by God and what is more importantly, created in God’s likeness. The Bible says that hairs of our head are all numbered. We do not know how many hairs there are on our heads, but God knows even their quantity. He truly keeps us at every turn. It is written that He knows when we enter and exit, we sit down and stand up.[push h=”15″]

The question arises, if we are able to remain faithful to the Lord. He keeps us, because he made a covenant of faithfulness with us. This means that we must be faithful to the Lord. I am sure that the man who is faithful to God will always be blessed.[push h=”15″]

There are five areas where we need to show the faithfulness:[push h=”15″]

1. Faithfulness to God.[push h=”15″]
2. Faithfulness to Family.[push h=”15″]
3. Faithfulness to the church and ministry we’re called to serve.[push h=”15″]
4. Faithfulness in Friendship.[push h=”15″]
5. Faithfulness to own country.[push h=”15″]

You will be blessed in all these areas of life if you can keep your faithfulness. Let’s really learn and keep the faithfulness. God bless you! Amen.[push h=”15″]