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The Bible reveals to us the secret of healing. In the 53rd chapter of the book of Isaiah it is written that we are healed by His stripes. How can we be healed, if we do not believe that Jesus Christ was crucified and we have forgiveness of sins and healing of diseases due to the blood flowing from his wounds?[push h=”15″]

We see three important sense in today’s biblical word.[push h=”15″]

The first is that Jesus Christ bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that is, He took our sins upon himself and was crucified, and thus we are forgiven.[push h=”15″]

The second point is that we, being forgiven and live for righteousness. If the first part had to be executed by Jesus Christ, then we should fulfill the second part ourselves by staying away from sin and living in the righteousness.[push h=”15″]

The third is that we are healed by His stripes.[push h=”15″]

Beloved, the Christ was crucified instead of us. Due to His grace, we now can be free from the curses and diseases, but above all we must believe that He bore our sins on the cross, therefore, staying away from sins, we must begin to live for righteousness. After that we can proclaim boldly that we are healed by His stripes.[push h=”15″]

Be healed, be healthy and remember that His wounds grant us not only healing, but also inspire us to live for righteousness! Amen.[push h=”15″]